måndag, september 20, 2010

Darker Days

Yesterday was election day in Sweden, and it seems that my native country has joined the big happy family of Europe, and as of today we have a new right-wing party included in parliament. A party most of us wouldn't flinch when calling through-and-through racist. The people who don't call them racists are the majority of mentioned party's voters.

I have never been so ashamed of Sweden in my entire life.
More on this later, I am actually too disgusted to continue this post at the moment.

söndag, september 19, 2010

Tourist Attractions

It's the middle of the night, and I am restless and unable to sleep. So, I write e-mails I should have written earlier, upload pictures I thought I'd upload sooner, and list movies I would like to see in the near future. Now, some films unfortunately don't premiere in Sweden until months after their US date. Scott Pilgrim VS. the World being one of them. Disney's Tangled, another.
This one though, I think shouldn't be more than a month late, due to the casting. Hopefully, much less predictable than Jolies latest, SALT, and it will be nice seeing Johnny Depp in a role where he is less spaced out. It's been a while, and I miss those aspects of his acting. This movie has all the potential of being smart, well-performed and interesting, as well as utterly horrible. I look forward to it.

måndag, september 06, 2010

My maternal grandmother passed away, four years ago today.
I find great comfort in that I still remember her clearly, the things she would say and her peculiar mannerism, and that I still miss her.