måndag, juni 20, 2011

Casting calls gone astray.

As of late, I've noticed that amongst the anonymous blog-visitors who end up here, many have done so while searching for "Autumn Frost Casting" (and will most likely do so still, after this is posted). Curiosity got the best of me, and I decided to google it myself, in an atempt to find what was going on (as IMDb had no info on any upcoming movie named Autumn Frost).

Turns out, the name of my blog (which is also the title of the 12th volume of the amazing Blade of the Immortal manga, as well as the name of an American female wrestler...) is the same as the premilinary work name for the upcoming Superman movie (!) - Man of Steel. As a superhero geek, this is pretty amusing. Ofcourse, I was never a Superman-fan, but I still find it pretty cool. My love was always for the Dark Knight, though many of the X-Men were quite diligently appreciated as well.

It turns out, casting calls have gone out for not only Man of Steel, but also Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, and lastly, The Avengers movie, which will be directed by the fantastic Joss Weedon.

If I lived in the US, going on open casting calls to play extras in Superhero-flicks would be the exact kind of nerdy thing I would do, all the time. Sweden really doesn't live up to my grand movie-star expectation ;P

söndag, juni 19, 2011

One door closes.

So most of my neighbours have left. It has been a magnificent run, and living here has brought me great joy. Ofcourse, some heart ache is not unexpected in the wake of my corridor-life, yet I am taking it pretty well. I am a bit worried and stressed in reference to my own, unsure move, but I have atleast started the planning and will in the beginning of July start with the packing as well.

I have spent the last week doing homework for my summer-classes, reading, cleaning, meeting friends... I have gone to the movies, done some shopping, went for walks, and tried to avoid being caught in the rain, as it has been on-and-off pouring for the past five days.
I am eating well, sleeping well, starting a-new with the 200-situp challange, and am trying to plan ahead for the 25 While 25-list.

Life goes on, and you keep going on with it. Mayhaps a bit dented, but now with an extended family all across the globe. There's worse things than expensive flights, after all.

onsdag, juni 15, 2011

For the girls.

Entwine your fingers with mine,
our grips fast through the passage of days.
You'll pull me through
I'll carry you
worries overcome and tears
brushed away.

Each ray of sun a memory won
strands of laughter like lockets
hung -
around the neck and close to heart
Sisters, we're never far apart.

- Nahal, June 2011

onsdag, juni 08, 2011

Madness Returns

Semester is over, summer courses started yesterday, my neighbours are moving back to the countries they came here from, my relatives are visiting, the weather is hot and heavy yet not sunny, my workload is big, my training schedul shot to Hell and I am desperately looking for a new place to stay. I'm trying to make my life go around with social events, work and school and as always I think my body takes the toll.
A friend asked me yesterday if i didn't ever get tired of all the running, and I said that I was always tired. But if I stopped, much more than just exhaustion would probably catch up with me, so as long as I can take it I'll keep rolling.

Considering half of my friends leaving the country permanently, and me being uprooted soon enough, i think I'm taking things pretty well. Also have many things to look forward too, like seeing Stephen Lynch live in Stockholm tomorrow and seeing relatives I haven't seen for years. Also, this months paycheck is a bit bigger than usual, due to me working in the sales counter for Science Fiction Bokhandeln at the UppCon 11 convention last weekend. i was, as per tradition, dressed up in cosplay. This year, my co-worker N. made me an Alice-costume, based on the character from the game Alice: Madness Returns (the sequel to American McGee's Alice). It was awesome.