fredag, juli 29, 2011

Next Chapter, Please.

Will be moving out of the corridor tomorrow.
Feel sad in that nostalgic way you have when you leave something good, something really truly good, behind you. But also, ofcourse, excitet. The entire thing is finally sinking in, and though I shouldn't say anything lest I jinx it, I am very much anticipating good things in this next stage of my life.

Atleast, I am prepared for a change.
I like the feeling.

tisdag, juli 05, 2011

So far, so good.

Eight months ago, I begun my 25-project, as in the 25 new things I wanted to achieve, try out or enjoy during the year I am 25. Now, 2/3 into the year, I thought I'd give a bit of an overview on how far I've managed to come.

Out of the 25 items on list, I've only finished six. That is a bit daunting, knowing I have so much more left. I am aware of that not all of them are managable within the time-frame I've set, as other aspects of my life: school, social obligations, health and economy all weigh in.
I am for example unsure if my blood values are good enough for donation, as I have had a lack of iron for years. Yet I cannot test this at the time being, as I have to wait for 6 months to pass due to getting my ear pierced this spring. And, when talking of the piercing, it will be quite the feat, getting the blood test, and donating blood if possible, and then getting the tattoo, all before my 26th birthday, as all of this is only possible within a time-frame of 2,5 weeks! I should have planned that one better...

Also, there is no way I can afford a move, my bills, my past-times, and still get myself to Japan this year. The money I don't have (yet), will have to be saved up for other things; like the afformentioned move and tattoo, as well as a spa-treatment, an opera visit, etc.

But I have:

1) Held a massive cake-fest. For the night of my 25th birthday, I baked more than 15 kinds of cakes and sweets, and held a very low-key, 20's themes birthday-party with some lovely friends and neighbours.

3) Attended a ballet. I saw Coppelia at the Royal Opera in Stockholm, and not only did the comedic ballet catch my fancy, it also convinced me that this is something I should do atleast once a year.
Also, I have since then seen the brilliant theatre adaptation of the vampire novel Låt den rätte komma in (Let Me In), at Uppsala City Teatre, as well as enjoyed the live performance of singing comedian Stephen Lynch in Stockholm.
Seeing arts and entertainment live is always something I wish to do more often. I try to see a play every year atleast, and it always convinces me that if I had more money, I would get a yearly membership at the local theatre.

11) I have managed to spend both an amazing week in Madrid, as well as take a 40hour cruise ship to Riga. Though the latter will most surely make for a better trip when it's not taken in the freezing depths of winter, the former was amongst the best trips I have ever been on, and my constant day-dreaming of Madrid is now almost an obsession.

19) I have bought a long red wig that I adore, and I use it when I'm out for coffee, at dinner with friends and even at parties (and once at a club. It was too warm, I might add). Not only do I really like wearing it, but ever since I got it, I have (almost completely) stopped thinking about re-dying my own hair red again.

20) During the Riga-cruise, my friends and I decided to try the kareoke-bar. I managed to get myself through Soft Cell's Tainted Love without any accidents, but completely slaughtered Fly Me to the Moon, since they had told us it would be the Frank Sinatra version, and it wasn't, which completely threw me for a loop. At least is was funny =)

21) I went to the Spring Formal, dressed to the nines, and had a lovely time. My friend M, who three years ago, was the first who told me that I should atleast once experience the whole thing after moving to Uppsala, was my charming date, and made me feel comfortable and not at all out of the waters. I was very grateful, and felt ridiculously pretty all night.

I've read more then half the books by non-English/Swedish authors I was planning on reading, and have seen a fourth of all the movies on my list. I keep sending at least a letter or post card every month and hope to keep the habit up long after this is over. My weight's moving up and down the scale irregularly, but I keep track of things on Put The Cookie Down, and even though I don't always update on time, I don't think there should be any problems reaching an amount of at least 52 post by November.

All the other items might or might not get crossed off on time, and I really haven't a clue to how it'll turn out.