torsdag, december 27, 2012

Wrapping it up

It's been a year like many others. Some of it good, some of it bad, some of it horrifically stressful. I try to stay above water to the best of my abilities and take it in stride when I can and take it with less poise when I have to. What can I say, it's life. I do hope 2013 brings me less stress and more financial stability, cause I think that would be the major turning point for me right now.

As far as school-work, I sometimes wonder if I'll ever finish the Master. Yet I still chose to take additional courses this semester despite not needing it for my degree. What can I say, I am an academic at heart. But all this homework and these assignments are quite the load to carry, and so in the past three weeks, the only two days I've been free and off-duty were the day of my friends bachlorette-party and Christmas Eve, which turned out to be cozy and nice and relaxing in just the way I had hoped it would be.

I think what I've really missed out on this past semester is reading and writing for my own benefit. I think I've read two novels that weren't in any way school or work related. I haven't written a single short-story, extract or poem in months and months. I was planning on joining NaNoWriMo and even signed up on the page, but ended up having to write articles and papers instead. That being said, it's not like I haven't produced text: I wrote articles and reviews for work, homework, blog post (though not much of it is here as of late, but here at times, and mostly at The owl and the pussycat since October). I wrote a 12 page convention report from this years Swecon that got an honarary mention at Tystnad, and was printed in SF-Forum.

It has in many ways been a year I needed to get through. I don't feel like I actually finished many tasks or accomplished very many things, but I did a lot to get closer to quite a few goals, and I think that's OK.
I feel content, I feel loved, I love as well and all in all don't feel as disapointed with the years now that it's ending as I though I would a month or too ago. It's over soon anyway, why not look ahead instead?