tisdag, november 04, 2008

Vote - Your Time Is Now

So today is the big day, 4th of November. I wasn't going to make a big issue out of this, but I guess now that I've started, I'll just have too.

I may not be the most politically involved person, and on the whole I'm not all that well-informed on the subject of politics (unfortunately), mostly I'm just very opinionated. But for the sake of everything you find holy - Americans, vote!
I'm not American. I live in the backwater country of Sweden, but I ain't blind. Of course I vote, but the truth is, Swedish politics isn't going to effect the world. Swedish politics sometimes hardly changes Sweden, but it's still important that you try. If only just to be able to say you did what little you could.

The United States of America on the other hand, is a whole other question. Like it or not (and believe you me, I don't like it) the rest of the world is holding their breath. Because apart from being the wealthiest, most powerful and mot influential nation in the world, you are also the most money grabbing, greedy, and war-mongering country on the face of the Earth. And why? Because you can.

You know it and we know it.
But to be honest, the American life-style may have been working for you, but the rest of the world is starting to disagree. You've been involved, and more often than not the starters to, at least one war every decade since you settled your own Civil War.
We're getting tired of this shit.

And thankfully, so are you.
So, take a stand. For something new, for something fresh. Because whatever they say about background and being suitable etc. The election this year centers a lot around the color of skin. Mr. Obama, I've read you're an amazing public-speaker. And that you're a senator since many years back and before that, a lawyer. But does that really matter? At least, does it really matter as much as the fact that you're black matters?
It doesn't to me. That fact that America is finally ready to have a black presidential candidate makes me thrilled. Unfortunately, the other democratic candidate was Hillary Clinton. Which made all democrats chose between the oppressed - women or African Americans. Why couldn't the just have an ethnic woman in high politics? (It's to be said that the republicans have had the influential Condolezza Rice, but I think she's a blood-thirsty monster).

But I was rooting more for Obama than Clinton. I just agreed more with him. I mean, I also had things I disagreed with, like his choice of vice-president. An old, white guy with a name resounding of bathroom facilities (not that it really matters...). He should have chosen Hillary and united the democrats! Now, there's just too much a chance that some crazy bigot might kill Obama if he does make president, and Bidé will run the next years in office of his old old ass.
But truly, that's the thing: you don't have to agree with everything. But choose what you find most important, sensible and worth fighting for. I'm sure there are things in the republican campaign that I would at least want to contemplate extra on before disregarding it, but in the whole, I've never been a right-wing woman. The thought of John McCain winning this, when he's already about 20 years to old to actually do anything good for his nation involving politics, and having that horrid woman Pallin by his side while they both march against abortion-rights, gays getting married and adopting, and for warfare and the conservative tradition of white-man-rules-all, just send chills down my spine.

Obama is the name of change. And that is what the U.S. and the rest of the world needs right now. So take a stand and show the world that you do believe in a brighter future, however scarcely lit. That you're for the rights of minorities, that you believe in change, that you are against the war in Irak and that you've had enough of being screwed over in every way by your own government.
People of American citizenship, this is your time in the spotlights. I know what I would vote if I had the chance. We're pinning our hopes on you now. Make us proud.

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