måndag, januari 12, 2009

The Silent Shout

Why isn't there any sound? Why isn't anything happening?
All these protests and demonstrations for what?
All I see is the burnt faces on TV, the crying mothers, the starving, disfigured bodies of children flash behind my eyelids. The world stands still as Gaza is ripped apart and it's people wade in the blood of their loved ones.

I know, people of Israel, you have lost family members too, and the fear fuels your fires. But this is insane, it is cruel and inhuman. The killings are monstrous. It is like seeing a pack of wild dogs set amongst trapped cattle, tearing into soft flesh with no remorse nor mercy.
The rest of the world needs to stop Israel now. This isn't what anyone in their right mind would call retaliation. It's pure, efficient murder. The leaders of one country effectively taking decisions that will wipe another nation off the planet.
It's sickening to think that a country whose people know most about being persecuted, about being killed and abused because of nationality, are now in turn trying to eliminate an entire people from the face of the earth.
The Jewish people have seen more pain than other groups might ever see, and their history is colored in pain and loss. And now, they have in turn clad themselves in their butcher aprons, and are slaughtering the Palestinians by the hundreds.

It's despicable, and even worse for the fact that the rest of the world stands back and does nothing. In a couple of years, this will be seen upon as another form of Holocaust, and people will ask us why no one acted sooner. Why people were left to die in their own homes, starved and sick. And we will have no answers. Only the cowardice of our leaders will be shown, once again.

There is no sound but the sound of bombs. The sound of children crying for their parents, who lie killed next to their own babies. The sound of desperation and hurt and pain, the wailings of fear, the weaping of those who have lost all hope.
Children are dying. The old, the sick, the weak, the unprotected. All families trapped in the Gaza strip, with no way of escape, no hope of survival. The bigger the family, the more children, all the more impossible to flee. You cannot escape unseen with many children. So larger families stay, refusing to leave anyone behind.
And we abandon them in the cold and dark. In the sheer hopelessness of a war so unfair it can only be seen upon as genocide. The air is filled with poison and death. The streets smell of blood, of dirt and rotting flesh. Gaza is an open wound, bleeding and festering in front of us.

And yet there is no sound. Throats have been screamed raw and useless. Dead children lie everywhere. Their faces twisted and frozen into hideous masks of pain, their mouths forever open in silent shouts.

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