måndag, maj 25, 2009

Lilac Wine

25th of may can be many things. The birthday of a friend of mine is today, for one.
But for many a reader of fantasyliterature as myself, it is Towel Day and Lilac-if-you-where-there.

Towel Day is the official day of celebrating Douglas Adams and his highly entertaining Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. And though I read the first three books out of five many years ago and really enjoyed their warped humour, I have only once celebrated by carrying a towel with me outside on the 25th.
For me it is, as it has been since my second year in high school, Lilac-if-you-where-there, which is a momentous day in the history of the fictuos city of Ankh-Morpork in Terry Pratchett's brilliant Discworld-series (and I am afterall a Discworld-girl through and through). The occasion is revealed and explained in the 29th Discworld-novel Night Watch, which is one of my favourites out of the 38 yet written.

It's strange to thing that I have for the past 8-9 years of my life followed the lives of the Discworld-personas, eagerly awaiting their new adventures. Through the years it has turned darker and more nestet, like a person that grows it has also evolved. And I have cherished it's change for it has been for the better, with it's sharp wit and it's hilarious twist.
So on may 25th, if it is possible, I pin some lilac to my coat and celebrate some of the most amusing moments throughout the reading experiences of my life.

Today was a beautiful spring day - the air warm, heady and sweet. And there were lilacs.

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Anonym sa...

Eh, I'd rather carry my towel ;) (Which I did XD)

Nahal sa...

Yea, I kind of guessed you would ^^

I picked some lilac on my way home from town yesterday. It's so pretty in bloom. Makes it really feel like spring.