fredag, april 13, 2012

Recommended this Week: GoT

Though a pretty dedicated reader of fantasy literature, I've been post-poning the reading of George R.R. Martin's popular A Song of Ice and Fire for years.
Many of my friends recommended the series, and so when HBO decided to finally give the tv-adaptation a serious try, I had convinced myself to wait with watching it until I had at least read the first novel.

With that said, I did pretty well at first. But last week, in time for the second episode of the second season to be broadcasted, I threw in the towel. I was way too curious to wait. So me and my visiting sister gave it a try, and then basically devoured every episode there was to see in two days.

So if anyone else out there is stupidly waiting to watch this for simmilar reasons as I, I am telling you right now: You're being an idiot.
I am now obsessively waiting for the next episode, constantly humming the theme-music, and buying the Game of Thrones novel as soon as my next paycheck rolls in.

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