måndag, september 16, 2013

Piled High and Deeper

Rented out my apartment and moved in with boyfriend last weekend. It's a temporary solution to my financial troubles, with the nice side-effect of getting to see each other more often. The fact that we are both extremely busy this semester will probably also lead to not seeing one another as much as a co-living situation would perhaps entail, which I honestly think is good. We both need space, so it's just a happy coincidence that we're not only both busy but that we're also both people who know how to make space for ourselves: knowing how to shut out computer noise while reading or being able to ignore the other persons music while working, etc. is key when you want to be near each other without annoying the other person out of their minds. I think it'll go well.

On the subject of moving though: when renting out your apartment furnished, it's surprising how much you still need to empty out of the flat. I can't believe I own so much stuff! I feel like a hoarder, despite the fact that I quite regularly get rid of things and keep the place tidy.  And adding to that, I actually did some thorough sorting and threw away tons of unnecessary paper, sold over a 100 books and donated some clothes to charity this summer in preparation for the move.
Now I'm thinking I need to take a long hard look at my materialistic lifestyle and make some changes. It's obvious I don't need all the stuff I have. Not only because I couldn't even remember owning some of the things I put in storage last week, but it's pretty clear to me that if I manage to sell off so many books (which is honestly the things in my home I get most attached to) and feel a slight sense of relief (after the first pang of separation-anxiety), I will most likely feel tremendously pleased after getting rid of random meaningless stuff I've just held on to for the sake of holding on to.

I haven't really settled in at C. flat yet. Not only have I not finished unpacking (and I don't think I even brought that much considering I'll be here for half a year), but the fact is, except for the books I need for my studies, clothes suitable for fall and winter and 2 IKEA-bags filled with other random crap, nothing here is mine. I mean, I have 'my' side of the closet now, and my own shelves in the bathroom, and even some of my tins of tea and the teapot's here (bless, it like an hostile takeover on the tea-front and he is playing along splendidly)... but since I don't have a bookshelf, it all feels a bit askew. Actually, even the majority of the books I brought belong to various libraries, which is a bit sad.
So all in all, it does feel a bit strange, like it's not a move as much as a long-term visitation (which might be more close to the truth actually...). But I'm happy knowing that the strangeness has nothing to do with co-living in itself, as much as with the decor. That I can adapt to after all, as it's a really nice apartment even though it looks nothing like my own.
And, as I am the kind of person who believes wholeheartedly in the concept of making yourself feel at home wherever you decide to stay, I have started to track the few volumes I brought all around the the flat by the practical use of window sills. It'll be lovely in no time.

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Unknown sa...

Aha! Have fought against my own scavenging nature for some time, my nest is like the Jawa sandcrawler, always stuff i've scavenged in the hobbyroom. However since im practically dead inside i have no problems throwing stuff ;)

Autumn sa...

I make great distinction between stuff and books. I just got rid of books for the first time in my life, that was rough.
Stuff on the other hand, I try not to get so attached. But then I seem to forget about it as soon as I put it away somewhere 'until I figure out what to do with it' :P