tisdag, mars 19, 2013


There's this store in Sweden called KappAhl, and I've got a membership card there solely to get 30% off on their stupidly expensive jeggings. Because of this, I sometimes also get campaign e-mail.
The latest one came today, explaining that they're launching a new collection called 'Hampton Republic 27', inspired by the exclusive beach-style life of the area mentioned. They also have a competition, were the winner receives a week-long trip for two to the Hamptons (worth 35.000SEK) and get to report back on the fashion trends there.

I'm thinking on joining in.

Oh please KappAhl, won't you pick me?
I love nice food and walks on the beach. I'll be a riot at the country club with my exotic face, honestly I could be their affirmative action friend! And I'll wear tennis skirts and striped, navy inspired t-shirts with thin-knit pastel cardigans over my shoulders. I already own pearl earrings, so you'll have nothing to worry about there.
I'll be sure to take lots of pictures too, of people and the current fashion and put them all in an album called 'My big, rich, super-WHITE vacation'. You'll adore it, I promise.

And every night I'll be at the club sipping drinks and laughing at mens insipid jokes about women, and the womens complaints about their foreign house-keepers/gardners/nannies, and we'll laugh and laugh and laugh at poor people and it'll all be just grand.

(Fuck. You.)

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