fredag, mars 12, 2010

New York Minute

There's way too much to write, and I really don't have the time or feel for it. But I guess the pictures convey a pretty good overview on their own =)

1) "Snow storm", New York - style.

2) Walking in Manhattan.

3) Subway, mind the rats.

4) Nina at Macy's.

5) Food of choice - asian!

6) F-train.
7) On our way to MoMA.

8) Toxic Boy!

9) Tim Burton Exhibit.

10) Ze Siblings.

11) Goofing our way down Broadway.

12) Broadway.

13) Jazz Hands!

14) Time Square.

15) Strawberry Cheesecake a la NY.

16) Milad in China Town.

17) 5th Ave.

18) Big City Lights.

2 kommentarer:

Nins sa...

I miss it already...

Nahal sa...

Jag ska ju till Krakow på tisdag, så jag har inte tid att sakna resandet ;P