lördag, mars 20, 2010

Welcome to Cracovia!

Am enjoying what Krakow has to offer, on a week long trip with friends and neighbours.
The first two days were cold and windy, but the weather has really picked up, and we are finally getting some spring action (Just in time for Norouz! Happy New Years everyone!)

It strange not to be home for Persian New Years for the first time in my life, but at the same time, I'm really glad I decided to come along on this trip. Krakow is beautiful, and the company crazy fun. I have taken pictures with fire-breathing dragons, danced all night, walked all day, tried polish food, polish alcohol (or alcohole, as they say), the best hot chocolate I will ever have in my life, celebrated St. Paddy's at an Irish Pub and laughed and laughed and laughed. I'm enjoying it to the fullest while life is good.

Now, off to a coffee-shop where I can actually get some studying done =)

3 kommentarer:

Malin sa...

Was nice to have a look at the pictures you posted from Krakow, I wanna have some of that sun and I can hardly imagine how it's like to be out in just a t-shirt anymore!

Nahal sa...

I haven't posted any Krakow-pics yet, but some of my friends did on FB. I'm gonna try to upload some soon.

Yes. I miss t-shirt weather...

Malin sa...

Right, I guess I saw a few pictures at some of your friend's then =D