tisdag, december 07, 2010

Winter Weekends

I spent the weekend in Stockholm, celebrating a dear friends 30th birthday (and as it turned out, also her engagement!), and trying to study for an exam. I had great fun on Saturday, even though I wasn't able to keep myself on my schedualed food-routine (must stop making excuses, even though birthday parties and engagements mixed up with a house-warming party is a pretty big deal). It's good to see people I don't get to see much during the year, and I'm always reminded of how much I miss them. I'm also always just as reminded of how good it feels to have a comfortable couple of laughs and hugs with people who know you well, and whom you can share both amusing stories as well as comfortable silences with.

Sunday on the other hand mostly went to studying, reading up on old course literature and trying to make someting of it. I managed to finish the exam and send it in before deadline. Hopefully, it'll pass, and it'll be the last I see of it.
On the negative side, I spent an entire weekend home, but did not manage more than an hours film or less with my sister, as well as a late lunch on friday. We tried to hang out some and talk, but both had studies and plans. I don't think I even managed to time in a decent meal with my folks, but we had a couple of cups of tea together, and all in all it was pretty relaxing. For Christmas break, I'm gonna ask dad to teach me how to prepare and cook the Christmas ham the way he does, and I'm gonna try to catch up with my mom and see if we can get through a couple of episodes of In Treatment (which btw, is a awesome show. Gabriel Byrnes and Judi Dench are fabulous, and the fact that the entire dynamic of each episode almost solely focuses on a dialog between two people is simply masterful). She got the first season box-set for her birthday a couple of weeks ago, and I've really taken a liking to it, so we try to watch episodes together whenever I'm home.

Anyways, I got back to Uppsala this afternoon, after such delays I would have managed to take an entire roundabout trip between Stockholm-Uppsala in the time I had to wait alone. I came home, took a three hour long nap, then headed out to buy food for tonights dinner. We made sushi for 20 people, and it ended up with a cost of 20kr/head, which was great. It'll probably be the last time of the year I'll eat sushi. It's really healthy food and all, but I should try to follow my diet more strictly.

Tomorrow (later on today actually), the plan is to clean up my messy room, get some writing done for work, decide on the subject for this semesters final paper, start wrapping some gifts and go see Västgöta Nations advent concert in church downtown (musical preformances is one of the few reasons I ever set foot in church). I'm trying to get into the holliday spirit, which would lend a more charming glow to the incessant cold. I also feel like decorating. I've already decided on having a Christmas tree. Yes, I am aware that my home is just about 19 square meters, and already full of furniture. But there's no saying I can't have a small tree for my small room. And maybe I'll buy some tassel and lights while I'm at it.

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Anonym sa...

Welcome back. Let's have coffee someday. :)


Autumn sa...

Coffee would be great. I'll call you and we'll plan something. Friday is pretty good for me actually =)