söndag, december 26, 2010

Yule-time Reading

We spent the Christmas at my aunts again this year. Food was great, company was nice, gifts were much appreciated. Weather was colder than I like, but then again I spent all my time eating and sleeping. I love holidays, it makes me catch up on everything that I haven't been getting enough of regularly, and the last weeks of the school term, that tends to be good food and rest.
I'll be spending the next five days in Stockholm with friends and family, doing some reading, studying, shopping... then it's back to Uppsala for New Years.

And, talking about reading, one of my christmas gifts was Nobel prize winner Mario Vargas Llosa's book The Bad Girl. It'll fit well into my goal of reading books by atleast five authors this year whos native tongue isn't Swedish or English. I will ofcourse read translations anyway, but it's the idea that counts. At the moment, the nominated books are:

1. The Master and Margarita - Mikhail Bulgakov
2. Love in the Time of Cholera - Gabriel García Márquez
3. The Wind-Up Bird Chronicles - Haruki Murakami
4. The Bad Girl - Mario Vargas Llosa

This leaves me with one empty spot. Two, if I decide that I should have only one author representing any language.
Recommendations are much welcomed.

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